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Positive And Negative Numbers

Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

Multiplying Positive and Negative Numbers

Dividing Positive and Negative Numbers

As with many things in life, there are two opposite sorts of numbers: positive numbers and negative numbers. We like to think positively and most often deal with positive numbers. However, negative numbers are also very important as we sometimes like to have things taken away such as debts we owe, etc..

In real life situations we most often think of negative numbers when we speak of the temperature - for example -10 degrees on a very cold day.

If we look at the number line below, we see that it is rather like a thermometer laying on its side with numbers going in both directions from a midpoint of zero. The negative numbers go to the left and the positive to the right. While the negative numbers are always written with a minus sign in front of them, the positive numbers do not always have a plus sign in front of them.

On the following pages we are going to look at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with positive and negative numbers. You will learn that the more things are the different the more they are the same and vice versa!


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