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Equations 8

More Complex Equations

More Complex Equations

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RECAP: On the previous pages you learned about variables in equations. On this page, variables within more complicated equations will be looked at.

There are several ways to go about solving this equation. Let's begin by removing 2x from either side of the equation. Since the 2x is positive, one must subtract this from either side of the equation.

Next, to get the remaining x on one side of the equation and the numbers on the other side, let's remove negative nine from both sides of the equation. To remove a negative nine, one must add a positive nine to both sides.

The final answer is x = 17

2x + 8 = 3x - 9

-2x = -2x

8 = x - 9

+9 = +9

17 = x

By inserting 17 into the equation where the x is one can check the answer. Remember that any number right next to a variable means that one should multiply the number times the variable or the number the variable stands for. In this case, 2 would be multiplied by 17 on the left hand side of the equation and 3 times 17 on the right hand side of the equation.

Also remember that a number followed by a number in parentheses ( and ) means that the two numbers should be multiplied.

2(17) + 8 = 3(17) - 9

34 + 8 = 51 - 9

42 = 42


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