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Monroe County Women's Disability Network has been designed as a one-stop shopping web source for the women of Monroe County to get information about a variety of disabilities, conditions and diseases.

The site is arranged as follows. On each page, there are tables of resources at the local and national levels. In the first column the organization name is given with a link if the organization has a website. The mailing address is given in the next column in the same row. In the third column of that row are the phone number, fax number and e-mail of the organization if available.

The pages by topic are as follows:

A page hast been added entitled Empower. It has a short list of services at the local and national level that disabled individuals may qualify for depending on their disability and status. The page can be found at this link below:


To find the page that a topic or condition is on one can:


Another great source of local information for those with disabilities is the Rochester Disabled Newsgroup. To get involved with this valuable source of information and support, go to the Yahoo Newsgroup address below and sign up.

Rochester Disabled Newsgroup -

Another list serve for those with spinal cord injuries is the Rochester Spinal Cord Injury Yahoo Group:

In addition, if you would like to receive periodic articles on certain conditions or on disability issues in general,e-mail Catherine Alfieri, MCWDN founder, below and this can be arranged for you.

Thank you for visiting this site.

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In order to search the site type in the word or words for the topic you wish to get information about.

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Table of MCWDN Site Pages

MCWDN Main Page AIDS Blindness Cancer Cardiovascular
Cognitive Deafness Developmental Employment & Benefits Other Diseases & Conditions
Education Health Care Providers, Services, Organizations Mental Health Neuromuscular Conditions Media
Political Action Respiratory Conditions Sports & Recreation Technology & Equipment Trauma
Search Housing and Transportation Aging Spirituality



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