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ABVI-Goodwill of Rochester

The Drudge Report

Edteck by Peter Pappas - A terrific resource for social studies teachers and website developers by the assistant superintendent for instruction for the East Irondequoit Schools.

Genesee Gateway

Pittsford Central School District



Personal Heroes

Christina Noble
Dedicates her life to the poor children of Vietnam, Mongolia through the Christina Noble Children's Foundation

Cara Dunne Yates
Blind paralypic skier and tandem bicyclist who has overcome much adversity to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard as class president, graduated from UCLA law school, is fluent in Spanish and Japanese, writes, lectures and is a mother.

Justin Dart
The father of the disability rights movement and the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act).

Raoul Wallenberg
Savior of many Jews during World War II

Anne Frank

Mahatma Gandhi

Mother Teresa